Students draw their interpretation of Orion and write an accompanying story (not included here).

PHM-AbbyD.jpg (189661 bytes) AbbyD.jpg
A Girl by Abby D.

PHM-AbigailL.jpg (310609 bytes) AbigailL.jpg
"My duck is swimming."  Abigail L.

PHM-AndrewH.jpg (164962 bytes) AndrewH.jpg
Duck by Andrew H.  "My duck's name is Drew.  It's the fastest duck in the seas."

PHM-BraxtonD.jpg (64788 bytes) BraxtonD.jpg
"A dragon sticks his tongue out."   Braxton D.

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PHM-EmmaD2.jpg (85872 bytes) EmmaD2.jpg

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New Hampshire and Maine by Rowan M.

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Squirrel by Sarah D.

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