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As the St. Joseph County Council prepares to act on its lighting ordinance (see laws.htm), you may send your input to the appropriate individuals whose contact information is listed below.

St. Joseph County website


7th Floor, County-City Building, South Bend, 46601

Exercise the administrative power of the County, including the power to establish department procedures of county government, except where state provisions dictate; supervise county administrative offices and the collection of revenues and control of disbursements; maintain county property; negotiate contracts; establish and administer centralized systems for budgeting, personnel, and purchasing.  The Board submits the annual budget to the County Council.  They have the power to approve and/or veto ordinances.  Required to deliver an annual “State of the County” address, and to analyze and forecast trends, and to develop a county improvement plan.  

County Commissioners

District 1 Commissioner: Mark A. Dobson - Member

District 2 Commissioner: Steven Ross - Vice President

District 3 Commissioner: Cynthia A. Bodle - President

Address: 227 W. Jefferson Blvd., 7th Floor, South Bend, Indiana 46601

Phone: (574) 235-9534

Fax: (574) 235-7849



4th Floor, County-City Building, South Bend, 46601

Established to carry out the legislative duties of county government, having exclusive power to introduce and pass ordinances, resolutions and motions (including those for taxation, finances and appropriation of money); to approve any and all contracts; to create new county departments and offices; and to conduct investigations into the conduct of county business for the purpose of correcting deficits or insuring that activities adhere to existing law.  The Council has the power to remove or to impeach any officer or employee of the county, whose removal is not otherwise provided by law.  To carry out these duties they may prescribe their own rules, receive grants from public and private bodies, and employ legal and administrative personnel.  

County Council

District A Councilman: W. Randall Przbysz

District B Councilman: Andrew Kostielney

District C Councilman: Dale Devon

District D Councilman: Rafael Morton

District E Councilman: Michael Kruk

District F Councilman: Dennis R. Schafer

District G Councilman: Mark A. Catanzarite

District H Councilman: Joseph A. Baldoni

District I Councilman: Mark Root

Address: 227 W. Jefferson Blvd., 4th Floor, South Bend, Indiana 46601

Phone: (574) 235-9658

Fax: (574) 235-5022

AREA PLAN COMMISSION   Phone: (574) 235-9571

11th Floor, County-City Building, South Bend, 46601

Processes petitions for re-zoning and subdivisions for South Bend, Lakeville, New Carlisle, North Liberty, Osceola, Roseland and St. Joseph County.  Prepares Comprehensive Plans and land use related ordinances for those areas of jurisdiction.

Robert W. Sante
John W.Byorni
Paul Thuringer
Kelli Moran
Andrew Videkovich
Executive Director
Assistant Director
Planner --- Zoning, Subdivisions & Special Projects
Planner --- Subdivisions
Planner --- Zoning

Area Plan Contact Information

Telephone: 574-235-9571
Fax: 574-235-9813

Mailing address:
Area Plan Commission of St. Joseph County
1140 County-City Building
227 W. Jefferson Blvd.
South Bend, IN 46601

General Information: Robert Sante -
Web Site Questions: Justin Sante -

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